lunedì 28 novembre 2016

Twilight Summer Series

Two weeks ago the Twilight Summer Series started and I was the course setter for the first race at Adelaide South East Parklands. You can find the race GPS analysis here:

For this year we also have this logo that I made, with a sketch of Adelaide during twilight period of the day: you can see the buildings on the backgounds, the cars lights on the road/bridge and the River Torrens. And we have the South Australian colours: yellow, red and blue!

For last Friday's event I made a short movie, have a look here! Like it and share it with your friends:

So I post now a short report of the 2nd Event, with GPS analysis and results...
Thanks to Joanna, John, Tyson, Robin, Adrian and David who gave me their GPS tracks I was able to have some interesting analysis.

The map of the long course is HERE

The event was held at Colonel Light Gardens on a typical street-o map and the course setter was Meredith Norman.
Here we have the first 6 of the Long course:
1     Simon Uppill          OH S     34:14                    5:20
2     Mark Schammer     CR S     41:25     +7:11      6:28
3     Max Grivell            TT S      42:50     +8:36      6:41
4     Stefano Raus         OH S     43:15     +9:01      6:45
5     Tyson Hillyard        WA S     44:08     +9:54      6:53
6     David George         TT S      49:20     +15:06    7:42

A big part of the race was just running, but we have some interesting legs where the runners had different route choices or small mistakes.
John and Joanna did the Scatter course but they took some legs like the Long course so we will analyze also their performance.
Starting with the first control, we have Stefano and Tyson taking the correct route.

 For leg 3-4 we have different routes: Joanna decided to run through the main road all the way down while the other runners decided to take a break some more turns.

 This leg is really interesting. We have a different route for each runner. Joanna running 30 min/km faster than Stefano (big difference) gave him only
4 seconds at the end! Actually she did run 70 meters more than him but having only 3 turns in total - Stefano had 6 turns in total but was able to cut some
corners to make his route choice shorter.

 Next leg to control number 8. Right or left? Right was a little bit shorter but John is the leg winner, 2 seconds ahead of Stefano.

 Here for control 14 we have 3 different routes with quite the same time (David did the shortest one) plus one mistake for Stefano, ouch!

See you all on Wed for a sprint training at Glenelg from 6pm and on Friday for the Twilight Summer Series event 3, planned by Dante.

In the next post I will add a lot of pictures and o-maps from SA!!

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  1. erano molto più interessanti le analisi delle oricup-inverno... :-)