giovedì 8 marzo 2018

Lahti Ski Games 2018

Last week I volunteered during Lahti Ski Games 2018 together with two classmates and we were working with FIS Marketing AG, from Tue 27th to Sunday 3rd of March. Our main task was to make sure to place in correct and strategic places all FIS sponsors and partners: we had to put all around the stadium and alongside the tracks hard plastic banners and banner rolls, plus inflatable arches and small plastic banners. In addition to this, we had to build and then dismantle all FIS columns for start area, intermediates and finish line, plus the podium with background and individual start arch. We had 1 ATV and 2 Ski-doos with 1 trailer for wooden frames and posts and another one for banners.
Our group leader was a FIS Mag employee and we were 10 people in total: 5 from FIS Mag, 1 from local committee and 4 volunteers (me, Rafu, Miika and Kai).

We had to work hard the days before the competition, screwing panels for hours and moving material in the stadium and along the tracks, but we were free during the competitions with possibility of access to all areas (from VIP seats to Ski Jumping tower, from coaching area to women dressing room).
We drove ski-doo without crashing and quickly pack everything on Sunday evening because the FIS Mag guys had to drive to Drammen asap to do again and again the same job. I also enjoyed 30 mins with Chicco Pellegrino on the bus, on the way to the competition, talking about Finland, ski and sport in general. He is really friendly I didn't expect that. It was amazing to admire his victory in the Sprint competition final!
Some photos here, taken by Misha who's now with me in Vieru for a couple of weeks and enjoed beautiful sunny days in Lahti watching the competitions as well. And at the bottom the video of the CC Sprint Final, where you can admire all the well-placed sponsor banners during a strange sunny finnish day.