martedì 2 ottobre 2018

DP17 Vierumäki Adventure

Anni dopo l'ultimo post che ho pubblicato, ecco mappa e video con gli highlights dell'attività di Team Building che ho organizzato per la primo anno del mio corso universitario in Finlandia.
A questa pagina trovate le istruzioni e info sulla gara:
Buon meteo, studenti felici e soddisfazione per la buona riuscita di questo pomeriggio. Trovate altre novità sempre sul mio sito ai seguenti link:
Sport clinic sulla C-O:
Physical clinic sulla propriocezione:
Processo di tutoring per i miei atleti LS-37:

lunedì 14 maggio 2018

SCULT Interview: I Volunteer Because...

Ho risposto ad alcune domande per il Movimento Internazionale di Volontariato Sportivo "SCULT" ed ora è stato pubblicato l'articolo. Leggetene una parte qui sotto e visitate il sito per l'intervista intera!

Stefano Raus – I Volunteer Because... "My Effort Gives Positive Energy to Others!"

Why are you a sports volunteer, what motivates you?

Starting from childhood, I’ve practiced many sports in my life. Even today, I'm an active athlete in orienteering. I love cross-country skiing, athletics and speed skating as well. In sports, you learn how to respect people and make new friends. You travel, explore the nature, and most of all, you live a healthier life. I started volunteering for my speed skating club as an instructor, organizing some minor competitions since I was 13 years old. I like to help out in sport events because I see how my effort always gives a positive feeling to people taking part in the event. I also learn a lot every time, both from the sport point of view and from the life skills point of view (communication, deadlines, my own limits, overcome difficulties, satisfactions, etc.).

I volunteer especially in orienteering events because that's the sport I love most, so the main motivation comes from this. Also, I enjoy making new mates to orienteer with and travel around the world, visiting different terrains and cities. Volunteering at events gives you many possibilities that you don’t have when you are just spectating. Of course, you are not sitting all the time enjoying the competitions. Instead, you live the event in a different way.

What was the Event that gave you the boost to continue volunteering?

In 2013, three friends and I decided to go and take part at the Fin5 (5 days orienteering competition). That year, the event was held at the same time and on the same terrain as the World Orienteering Championships in Vuokatti. So as soon as we found out they were searching for volunteers, we realized we could do it all: volunteer, spectate at the World Champs and run the 5 Days competitions. It turned out to be amazing, the organization was perfect with free transport around the locations, free accommodation, nice clothing for volunteers, lots of friendly people and the spectacular World Champs.

It happened that on the way back to Helsinki, we stopped in the house of a new friend – a volunteer who hosted us for a night before our departure flight. Even though it was 5 years ago, we still meet up with this orienteer at some competitions in Finland. I realized how difficult it must have been to organize such an event, so I got a big boost to volunteer more and organize orienteering events in Italy, my country, as well. And I did, a lot, believe me.

What is your next volunteering challenge?

I will hopefully be a FISU international volunteer at the World University Orienteering Championships 2018 in Kuortane (FIN). I still have to be nominated, as this is a more serious program, but the chances are good. My task would be either forest/orienteering or anti-doping related. After this I will probably volunteer at the World Orienteering Champs in Riga in August this summer, and maybe just before that at IRONMAN Tallinn 2018. 

Your most exciting experience as a volunteer?

I think one of the hardest and most exciting experiences was also my most recent. I was a FIS Marketing volunteer during the Lahti Ski Games 2018 that held Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jump and Nordic Combined World Cup races. We had to install all the advertisement banners in the stadium and along the course. It took us the whole week preceding the competition weekend: we were screwing nails in the banners while freezing at -25°C, but we got to drive ski-doos! That was a first for me. We received a lot of responsibility from the organizers as we were accountable for all the advertisements. Consequently, we had access to all areas in and around the stadium, as well as the ski-jump tower.

We also had to deal with some language difficulties. The FIS MAG leaders are German and as some of them speak not-so-good English, we occasionally had trouble understanding instructions. When they were not clear, we had to do some jobs twice or change things at the last moment. Then again, the harder the task, the more satisfied you are in the end.

As a bonus, Italian athletes had good results also. I was fortunate to get a chance to speak with Chicco Pellegrino in the bus on the way to the competition – it was great! He won silver at the recent Winter Olympics and in Lahti he won gold at the World Cup Sprint!



giovedì 8 marzo 2018

Lahti Ski Games 2018

Last week I volunteered during Lahti Ski Games 2018 together with two classmates and we were working with FIS Marketing AG, from Tue 27th to Sunday 3rd of March. Our main task was to make sure to place in correct and strategic places all FIS sponsors and partners: we had to put all around the stadium and alongside the tracks hard plastic banners and banner rolls, plus inflatable arches and small plastic banners. In addition to this, we had to build and then dismantle all FIS columns for start area, intermediates and finish line, plus the podium with background and individual start arch. We had 1 ATV and 2 Ski-doos with 1 trailer for wooden frames and posts and another one for banners.
Our group leader was a FIS Mag employee and we were 10 people in total: 5 from FIS Mag, 1 from local committee and 4 volunteers (me, Rafu, Miika and Kai).

We had to work hard the days before the competition, screwing panels for hours and moving material in the stadium and along the tracks, but we were free during the competitions with possibility of access to all areas (from VIP seats to Ski Jumping tower, from coaching area to women dressing room).
We drove ski-doo without crashing and quickly pack everything on Sunday evening because the FIS Mag guys had to drive to Drammen asap to do again and again the same job. I also enjoyed 30 mins with Chicco Pellegrino on the bus, on the way to the competition, talking about Finland, ski and sport in general. He is really friendly I didn't expect that. It was amazing to admire his victory in the Sprint competition final!
Some photos here, taken by Misha who's now with me in Vieru for a couple of weeks and enjoed beautiful sunny days in Lahti watching the competitions as well. And at the bottom the video of the CC Sprint Final, where you can admire all the well-placed sponsor banners during a strange sunny finnish day.

lunedì 18 settembre 2017

Orienteering Clinic in Vierumäki

Ogni settimana il lunedì ed il mercoledì pomeriggio abbiamo le cosiddette 'Coaching Clinics' ovvero uno studente alla volta diventa insegnante e illustra alla classe il suo sport, a partire dal warm-up fino ad un vero e proprio test/attività. Oggi è toccato a me e, dopo golf, tennis, calcio e hockey, anche l'orienteering è arrivato nel campus. Ovviamente si tratta di una specie di esame e si è costantemente sotto osservazione da parte dei professori.

Questo era il mio programma per la sessione:
warm-up: tissue quality e foam rolling
- introduzione in classe (25 min)
- visione video e analisi (5 min)
- esercizio con cinesini (15 min)
- esercizio a stella (15 min)
- percorso finale con live gps (30 min)
- discussione finale e feedback (10 min)

Se volete leggere in dettaglio le varie attività con spegazione e svolgimento trovate tutto scritto qui (in English): DOWNLOAD PDF

Qui potete vedere la sessione LIVEGPS ed un VIDEO riassuntivo. Ci siam fatti qualche risata all'arrivo coi professori.
Il corridore è Garoa, studente di ed. fisica in Erasmus dalla Spagna, ed ha effettuato una bella prova a parte per il quarto punto, dove ha incontrato altre persone e si è fatto un pelino distrarre :)
In conclusione son tutti stati davvero contenti ed hanno terminato la prova finale buoni tempi; i professori poi mi han detto che è stata la miglior Clinic come minimo negli ultimi quattro anni, quindi anche io son molto soddisfatto. Avendo lavorato giorno e notte gli ultimi 3 giorni (scrivendo presentazione e clinic plan persino in quarantena prima dei Camp. Sprint) sto poimeriggio mi son riposato e domani via con un altro progetto: Giornata dello Sport di Lahti 29.9, dove sono uno dei leader della classe e quindi mille cosa da pianificare/organizzare! Già preparato il sito l'altra notte:

sabato 9 settembre 2017

New pages

Now you can find the menu just below the blog title with some pages and links to other websites. In particolar there is a page about me still under construction, a more interesting page about my mapping projects (since the first map I made for my sister's Serena birthday in 2008 when I was just 13), links to my digital map archive on my club website, YouTube channel and Oland sportswear homepage for your new cool customized club O-gear!

And here you have some new photos/videos from Vierumäki :)

sabato 26 agosto 2017

Suomi: Vierumäki & Orilampi

The first week is over in Vierumäki and here you can see two of the most relevant moments of it. One is my trip by car from home in Italy to the campus in Finland and the other one is Orilampi Camp, with my new classmates from DP16, Sports Coaching and Management. Of course a post can't exist without mentioning orienteering, so at the bottom there is the map from last week Iltarastit on an interesting terrain just south of Lahti (really cool and slippery bare rocks).