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Last update: 2018

Stefano Raus, born and grew up in Trento, main city of Trentino in the north of Italy.
As a child I practised many sports as basketball, judo and ice speed skating.
When I have free time I love to hike on my mountains in Trentino, especially on Vie Ferrate with friends. I travel a lot across Europe and I lived for 7 months in Australia working as an orienteering mapper, coach and school teacher.

I now live in Vierumaki, Finland, to study Sports Coaching and Management in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.
I started with orienteering during elementary school and I'm addicted; now I'm an orienteering coach, professional mapper and currently running for Lahden Suunnistajat-37.
I'm Sales Manager for OLAND company, European brand specialized in custom sportswear for running, cycling and orienteering. I also like to volunteer, organize and manage sport events giving 100% of me into my responsibilities.

My goal is to see my athletes learn and improve, individually and as a unit. I always want to make sure that my training sessions are various, friendly, valid.

I'd like to work in Sports and Event Management, simultaneously coaching orienteering.

2002-2003 Jigoro Kano Trento (judo)
2004-2005 Arcobaleno Basket (basket)
2004-2011 Sportivi Ghiaccio Trento (ice speed skating, roller)
2012-2013 Atletica Clarina Trentino (athletics)
2016-2017 Onkaparinga Hills Orienteering Club (orienteering)
2016-2017 Southern Arrows Elite Team (orienteering)
2008-2017 Trento Orienteering (orienteering)

2018- Orienteering Pergine ASD (orienteering)
2017- Lahden Suunnistajat -37 (orienteering)

Born: 18/03/1995 20:15
Nickname: Raus
Zodiac Sign: Fish
Dream: coaching a National Team, speak finnish
Hobby: IT, movies, ice skating, travelling, music
Favourite Food: Spaghetti (carbonara, pesto) and piadina
Favourite Drink: Mt Dew and Lipton Ice Tea (peach)
Favourite Car: Tesla Model 3, WV Golf
Favourite Artists: Basshunter, Alan Walker, Nightwish, Taylor Swift
Favourite Movie: Inception (2010), The Lord of the Rings
Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones
Favourite Animal: Kookaburra and Moomin
Favourite City: Trento, Trentino!
Favourite Country: Finland

Interesting Facts:
- used to collect pins and stamps
- likes to watch cricket
- almost died in a plane incident in Abu Dhabi

- I don't like coffee and Nutella
- has a blog with a page about himself

  • Orienteered in 22 countries (ITA, GER, AUT, POR, USA, SLO, CRO, UK, NOR, FIN, SWE, TUR, AUS, NZ, SMR, CZE, HUN, FRA, BUL, SUI, EST, DEN)
  • Volunteered in WOC2013, 2014, 2015, WMOC 2013, ISF 2017
  • Took part in EYOC 2011, ISF 2011 and ETOC 2014
  • Drawn 81 maps in 4 countries
  • I'm active in FOOT-O, MTB-O, SKI-O and TRAIL-O
  • Ran in 2 Jukola, 1 25 Manna, 1 NightHawk Relay, 3 O-Ringen
  • Started around 450 competitions
  • Finished 25 Orienteering Weeks
  • Head of Mapping in Trentino Committee

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